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Karar is a Hewbrew worship word that simply means, "to dance."  Academy translates to "Come and learn" the two combined create Karar Academy, where we invite all who enter to live out our motto..."Let your spirit dance." From movement and methodology, to discipline, adapability and performance under pressure, the dedicated staff team of Karar Academy works with students to expand their comfort zones and cultivate new experiences through the art of dance. 

Our Mission

The mission of Karar Academy is to encourage creativity, expose new forms of artful expression, and provide  positive ways to maintain a healthy physical and mental  well-being through the art form of dance. We desire to provide a platform where dancers can tap into their creative skills and abilities, dance their way to into discipline and grow in their confidence and stage presence with every performance. 

While we offer our classes for a fee, we strive to keep costs affordable in order to meet the needs of families from diverse socio-economic  backgrounds.​ 

Our Commitment

Karar Academy is committed to exposing youth to a variety of different styles because we understand that just like every child learns differently, certain styles will also appeal to them differently. We believe this is necessary if the objective is to help children develop artistically overall. 

We will introduce  technique, rhythm, and aesthetic appreciation of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and  Hip-Hop which incorporates  contemporary movement.

About Our Director

Kimberly (Cole) Davis, a native of Kansas City, Kansas began dancing at the age of 3 under the artistic direction of her mother, Willita (Billye) Cole, partner of Billye and June School of Dance.  After her mother retired from her dancing career, Mrs. Kim studied under Irene Williams and Cheryl Land and was a member of the KC Chiefettes team in ‘77-‘78.  In college, Mrs. Kim earned lots of dance credits at Wichita State University and performed in the One People Theater under the direction of Dr. John Gaston.   Mrs. Kim also directs the New Zion Praise Dance ministry.  Dance is a lifetime ministry for Mrs. Kim and she is blessed to share her love for dance with the Wichita community.  She is supported by her husband, Raymond, four children, and fourteen grandchildren. 


The formation of Karar Academy is a present reminder that dreams delayed, are not dreams denied, and that the God given gifts and talents placed in us will always be of value when we are ready to renew our committment to them! 

"Mrs. Kim"  Artistic Director 
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