Why Dance?

Dance has a number of benefits aside from just bringing out the creative side of your child. Similar to team sports where children learn team work, social skills, physical fitness, 

discipline, strength, and sportsmanship, they learn these

and more through dance.  Add to those, a sense of personal achievement, and dance can do wonder's for a childs self esteem and personal responsibility. 

Why Karar Academy

At Karar Academy, we offer classes in Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop dance. We have over 45 years experience in teaching dance technique.  We not only teach the dance performer, but also those who just have an interest in the art and those who just love to dance! Karar Academy instructors take notice and give special attention to the skill level of each student, because they learn on different levels and we make sure everyone succeeds!

Along with dance skills, appreciation of the art, and loving to dance...at Karar Academy, lifetime friendships are made when you "Let your Spirit dance"!

     All About Dance     

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Karar Academy

Where you let your Spirit dance!

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